Seven years as a labor of love, praise and meditation, this CD includes original and traditional chants using mantras learned at Babaji’s Haidakhan Ashram in the foothills of the Himalayas. All tracks are preceded by clips of Babaji Himself speaking or chanting. Duty Banau (Do Your Duty) has a world beat flavor featuring a didgeridoo, African udu drum and soaring sax solos. Haidakhandi Bhagwan has a reggae vibe featuring horn sections and hot timbale fills. Jagadambe Ma has a jazz/hip hop flavor featuring tenor sax, funky beats and a shredding guitar. Shiva Shankara is reincarnated as a hot dance tune, complete with filter sweeps, trumpet solos, incredible horn sections and a vocal chorale. The CD ends with a bonus track of afternoon chanting in the presence of Babaji. (When the ashram bells ring is when He comes in.)

To hear the chants,                     and choose a movie. All the movies are accompanied by clips from the CD.


Seth Bartlett AKA Dhyana Yogi

and Philip Nakano

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